(2018- ) is a project that started in July 2018 with a question to myself what dance and movement mean to me at that point of my life aged 43. Since I started dancing in my teenage, dancing has been the centre of my life. A huge amount of time, effort and emotions went into it. I have thrived through all the stages of intense training, dance degrees, teaching, performing and creating. After three decades, I somehow became fatigued. Why do I stay in dance if I suffer so much?  Unsuccessfully I sought a way out for a while until I realised dance has become my bone and flesh. What would be left if I cut out dance from me? Here I start a new journey, to reconnect with the joy, to discover more, to find a new path that is sustainable. holds the hope and questions for self-evolution. I started from 7 weeks’ daily practice, and now follow my impulse as it arises. Documentation is shared on Instagram.