I am a dance artist, movement educator and bodyworker, specialised in Pilates, Somatic Movement Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy. My current practice is largely informed by my professional dance experience in performing and making over three decades that started in my origin Japan and then moved in the UK. Currently, I am deepening my bodymind experience through the practice of Aikido, Authentic Movement, meditation, yoga, running, walking, swimming, and generally living every day.

Movement is our first language. Dance is the poetry of that language.
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

From large waves with an arm to breathing and the heartbeat, our bodies are always moving as the expression of our lives. I feel so dear to attend others’ such expressions and feel nurtured to experience my own. Our bodies express our feelings, emotions, memories, histories, ancestors, imaginations and dreams.

In my work, my goal is to offer a space for others to connect with these materials that lie within themselves, and to carry them forward.

For my other works in holistic health, please see a website;  Katsura Isobe