In Collaboration with Mugwort (2021- )

Artemisia Vulgaris, mugwort

An installation performance with an artist/ herbalist Ann-Marie Fairbrother. We have the common ground of love for Hackney Marshes in East London. We decided to create something together. Each of us brings unique experience and knowledge in art and in life. How do we meet each other and give form to what arises between us?

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is commonly grown at Hackney Marshes. We met Mugwort and built a relationship, initially over five days. We drank it, danced, slept on it, danced, wore it and danced…

Presented at
Sentient Performativities, Dartington, June 2022
Chisenhale Dance Space summer residency sharing, London, August 2021


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